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Data & Disclosure Finance


This can include identifying and protecting critical habitats, designing sustainable supply chains, and implementing monitoring and reporting systems to track progress.

At BwB, our goal as the implementation partner of the Taskforce for Nature-based Financial Disclosures, in partnership with UNEP-FI, was to help financial institutions understand their biodiversity risks and opportunities, and how to disclose their performance, ultimately moving from nature-negative to nature-positive outcomes

There is a growing demand from investors and consumers for companies to act on biodiversity, and our combined decades’ worth of experience in investment banking at BwB uniquely positions us to help financial institutions and corporations alike stay pro-active and responsive.

The impact of biodiversity loss can be extensive and often unrealized, leading to increased costs for reliance on ecosystem services, reduced productivity, and causing disruption in supply chain activities.

As with climate change, financial institutions and investors are looking to get ahead of the curve by mitigating their exposure to nature and biodiversity risks, considering anticipated regulatory changes mandating the disclosure information about their impacts on biodiversity and natural capital in their financial reports.

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