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BwB at the Oxford Saïd Business

BwB Managing Director, Chris Smith, and Senior Analyst, Matteo Scalabrino, had the opportunity to present BwB at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, last week.

During our session, which is part of their corporate partnership series, we talked with this years’ MBA students about the company’s history, culture, and what it means to develop impact finance projects across the world. We shared our experiences in the sector, giving our perspective of what it takes to make the difference in the impact/ESG space and pursue a career in this field.

BwB would like to thank Sean Thomey for the invitation and the great time together. “We are delighted to grow our partnership with such a prestigious university. We look forward to keeping sharing our expertise, culture, and relevant projects experience with the incredible group of Saïd Business School’s bright and driven students. It is fantastic to see some many young leaders focused on key challenges such as climate change, poverty reduction, and biodiversity conservation”, commented Chris Smith.


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