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BwB Partners with Terraformation Inc.

BwB is thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Terraformation Inc. on an exciting, ground-breaking report to identify the best financial tools for early stage forest financing to unlock capital for large-scale restoration!

The report covers a range of topics in the area of forestry financing, including an assessment of the current landscape as well as addressing the key financial barriers to scale.

It is estimated that global reforestation will cost US$2.6 trillion however, currently the largest financial investors are unable to deploy capital into brand new forestry projects due to a range of barriers such as their lengthy cash flow profiles.

BwB's Global Head of Debt Finance, Chris Smith has expressed the importance of the report, "This report highlights new, innovative finance instruments that can overcome the key barriers to large-scale forestation investment, including the role of blended finance. It also recognises the key interventions that could rapidly accelerate investment to create scale, standardization and replication in the market."

BwB is looking forward to advancing this exciting work forward with Terraformation Inc. moving closer one step at a time to solving the issue of climate change through global forest restoration!


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