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City Investment Analysis Report

Last month the UK Cities Climate Investment Commission (UKCCIC), a partnership between Connected Places Catapult, Core Cities UK and London Councils, released a report about different low carbon investment opportunities that are needed for UK cities to reach their Net Zero goals. The UK Net Zero agenda will require significant up-front investment, which UKCCIC has estimated will be around £200 billion. This is spread across the five identified asset classes: residential and commercial retrofit, transport, waste, energy and renewables. The estimated figure is well beyond the normal financing capacity of the public sector alone and the report highlights the important role private finance has to play in achieving UK cities net zero targets. BwB Managing Directors Rufus Grantham, Global Head for Urban Transition Finance, and Philip Griffith, Global Head for Energy Finance, contributed to the report in partnership with Eunomia. Rufus Grantham also presented the findings of the report on a virtual event last month alongside Prof Greg Clark CBE from UK CCIC, Liz Peace CBE from Connected Places Catapult, Bruce Katz from The New Localism, Keith Bottomley from City of London Corporation and Marvin Rees from Bristol City Council. You can access the full report here: Bankers without Boundaries, an innovator in finance, is a not for profit powered by former investment bankers to assist high impact projects that benefit the environment and social good. BwB works with local and sub- and national governments, cities, institutions, and foundations to mobilize capital advisory and research services. BwB applies financial concepts and structuring to public projects to align them with the investment needs of capital markets, thinking about risk reduction, scaling and generation of financial returns alongside broader positive co-benefits and impacts. To learn more about Bankers without Boundaries and our work, visit

City Investment Analysis Report
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