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NetZeroCities Platform


The NZC Platform aims to guide cities on their journey towards clean and beautiful urban environments for citizens to appreciate and enjoy.

Reaching net zero in the EU would require an estimated investment of €28 trillion in clean technologies and infrastructure over the next 30 years.

BwB brings the unique experience of the funding and finance ecosystem for the transition to carbon neutrality and the constraints that must be overcome to make a significant impact in line with the Paris Agreement goals.

We work with cities to develop climate investment plans and align these plans to both cities’ needs and financial institutions’ requirements to build the bridge between capital needs and sources.

We create innovative knowledge tools and solutions, matching users’ financing needs with available financing options while considering the value of broader co-benefits of projects.

BwB is in the process of scoping out the creation of a ‘Capital Hub’, a catalyst for the redirection of capital flows towards the transition and creation of a platform for active sustainability investors.

You can find out more about BwB by visiting

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