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The challenges of green deal transition: climate-neutral cities and flagship EU programs

BwB Senior Analyst, Matteo Scalabrino, will be speaking at the Eyes Hearts Hands summit in Rome this Friday, 13th October

Matteo will discuss:

💡 the role of the EU Net Zero City Project in shaping the new model of green cities in Europe;

💡 the potential of the Climate Investment Plan for attracting new capital for an urban just transition;

💡 the role of sustainable finance for supporting cities in the 100 Climate-neutral and smart cities;

💡 case-study of BwB’s involvement in the Climate Investment Plan and City Capital Hub.

“The role of academia is important in shaping the support for cities and urban environment to reach net zero and BwB's engagement with Universities and civil society can contribute to the firm's objective to build a sustainable, green, and inclusive future for European cities.”, commented Matteo.

Learn more about the event here:

You can find out more about BwB’s work for climate-neutral cities for flagship EU programmes by visiting our website:


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