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BwB Accelerator

  • What is the BwB Accelerator Programme?
    The BwB Accelerator programme is designed to help impact driven, pre-Series A, European start-ups achieve commercial traction and build investment cases, supporting them to raise finance and scale their business. The programme will support the commercial growth of these companies by developing tailored support plans that cover topics like business development, commercial strategy, financing, and governance. BwB will also facilitate fundraising and financing through introductions to relevant investor groups and structuring support. Start-ups selected will have a strong ethos and their business operations must have a strong positive effect on the environment and/or society.
  • Why are we doing this?
    The EU has registered 50% more patents in green technology than the United States and is a recognised leader in climate research.[1] However, American clean tech start-ups received four times more VC investment, with over $29B versus Europe’s $7B[2]. BwB’s experience and networks in this space, bringing together a team that has successfully launched acceleration and innovation programs across the region, makes it particularly well suited to bridge this gap. The domestic value pool in Europe is fragmented and 76% of start-ups plan to expand within the EU and 37% outside of it within the first 12 months[3] as shown in figure 1. BwB’s global networks and experience, and familiarity with global funding sources, means that it can also support European start-ups need for earlier internationalisation. This is a highly sought-after skillset and increases the program’s likelihood of attracting high quality entrepreneurs. The sectors that the BwB Accelerator will focus on are aligned with the current pipeline of projects and expertise of the company. There will be a specialised focus on sustainability driven start-ups including cleantech, e-mobility, renewable energy, nature-based products and services and potentially more based on innovations in various sectors by start-ups.
  • How will start up's benefit?
    Over 12 weeks, you will be fully supported by our team of experienced founder coaches to develop your skills, evolve your business and expand your network through: Dedicated mentoring with recognised specialists in core business skills, sustainability, and sustainable finance Introductions to hard-to-reach enterprise customers, tapping into executive networks across sustainability-focused industries Investment case development, business model optimisation, revenue diversification, new market opportunities Highly experienced fundraising support and access to impact investors dedicated to sustainability and biodiversity Key finance network access Access to foundations, cities, governments, supranational organisations Importantly all of this input will be at no cost to the start-up company
  • Requirements
    Start-ups will need to agree to at least one founder/executive team member participating at least 4 hours per week as a minimum commitment. Start-ups will be officially registered as a business and have at least one active and full time working founder with at least 20% equity in the company The company is either at a pre-seed or seed stage Their business operations must actively have a strong positive effect on the environment and/or society
  • Brief programme description
    1st month – Company Health Check / Capacity / General business advice / Scalability In depth kick-off full day session between start-up and mentor, understanding their business, current position and needs Identify how we can assist in satisfying these needs Create a one-pager of key challenges and key objectives – setting KPIs for the programme Networking with the rest of the cohort through pitching Expert led workshops on essential business skills i.e., marketing, BD, finance, fundraising Coach tailors on the back of this week, development over the following 3 weeks 2nd month – Revenue Focus / Industry specific networks / learning by doing - coaching and execution / implementation Adjacent market implementation Expansion plans within the sector Provide context of different geographies, different markets, different government incentives Focus on Revenue growth Identify key clients Access & networks Coach tailors on the back of this week, development over the following 3 weeks 3rd month – Fundraising, Goal Setting, and preparing for life after the accelerator Pitch prep Investor terminology and connection Revenue growth Investor outreach Expansion strategy Go to market strategy Industry specific meet and greet
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