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Carbon & Forestry Finance

Forests regulate the climate through CO2 absorption, provide us with the air we breathe, and protect the Earth’s rich biodiversity. Despite being central to our existence, global forest cover has dramatically decreased over the last century. Planting of trees at scale requires capital, and whilst the carbon offsets available are valuable over time, they only accrue when the project is at maturity, requiring innovative financing structures to make them viable.

carbon and forestry

At BwB, we bring our combined skills and experience in finance to help support funding for both public and private sector projects to protect and expand the world’s forests. As public financing alone is not capable of achieving the level of change that is required, a big part of BwB’s work in this sector focuses on incentives which make forest conservation and regrowth financially appealing to private investors.

As the financial community better understands the threats to nature from economic activity, the intersection with finance will become clearer and BwB is positioned to accelerate that process as markets for Biodiversity credits develop. We also work to assist on projects that seek to provide carbon offsets from a broader range of sources as the carbon market deepens.

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