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Climate City Capital Hub
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The Climate City Capital Hub (Climate Hub) is a neutral capital centre that catalyses climate-related funding activity. This first-of-its-kind initiative aims to help bridge the €650bn funding gap identified by cities seeking to achieve net zero by 2030 under the European Commission’s “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission” and to unlock financing for climate resilience infrastructure projects more broadly across Europe.  


By providing cities with technical and financial assistance to develop fundable climate mitigation and adaptation projects, the Climate Hub offers investors access to a robust and expanding pipeline of financially viable, investable projects. 

Who Are We? 

The Climate City Capital Hub is operated by the strategic alliance of the NetZeroCities partners. Collectively, these organisations provide deep expertise across a broad range of disciplines, from specialists in the development and construction of climate mitigation and adaptation projects through to investment bankers and investors who can provide guidance on financial and investment aspects of projects and help cities engage successfully with the financial community. 


Climate Hub Solutions and Support for Cities 

At the project level, the Capital Hub can help cities to access the necessary technical and financial assistance to develop fundable projects. This is facilitated through coordination with pre-existing European Union (EU) Technical Assistance programmes, including the European Investment Bank’s support mechanisms and the EU City Facility, alongside the provision of in-house technical support. 


At the portfolio level, the Capital Hub can support cities with the development of sector-specific solutions, including thematic portfolios in renewable energy, mobility, and heating. Support is also provided for the development of city-wide or regional portfolios that bring projects in several different sectors together as a single investment opportunity. In addition, the Capital Hub can assist with stakeholder mapping and relationship development, including engagement with private corporations based in the local area.  


Alongside technical and financial assistance, the Capital Hub can provide diverse capacity-building support to cities, including:  


  • Provision of toolkits and models — e.g., City Finance Framework,  which helps cities prioritise their project pipeline.

  • Organisation of webinars and workshops on key thematic topics — e.g., issuance of sustainable debt and launching of city funds. 

  • Deployment of City Finance Specialists – locally based experts who can provide on-the-ground assistance based on a city’s specific needs/requests and project requirements. 


Climate Hub Opportunities for Investors and Financial Organisations 

For investors interested in supporting the ambitious greenhouse gas reduction goals of cities across Europe, the Capital Hub offers access to a robust, reliable and expanding pipeline of fundable, financially viable climate mitigation and adaptation projects with a range of size, return, sector and geographic profiles.  


Questions about the Climate Hub and its objectives can be directed to: 

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