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Gift Nhlane

Gift Nhlane


Gift Nhlane is an Economist with varied experience in banking, international development, conservation, program coordination, and poverty alleviation experience with rural grassroots communities in Malawi.


As a Monitoring & Information Representative in Malawi for Resource Africa, Gift has been responsible for working with communities and has assisted them in the identification of ways to sustainably use, share benefits from, and protect their natural resources for the long-term benefit of people and wild resources based on their rights, their existing knowledge and practices in sustainable use and in line with their cultures.


Having worked for over 8 years as a Business Development Manager in the Value Chain Development sector, Gift has developed programmatic, marketing, business strategy development, and poverty reduction expertise aimed at promoting value chain addition especially in agribusiness enterprises in the community. He has worked closely with field staff to develop program strategies that have empowered MSMEs, community groups and farmers in difficult conditions and extreme poverty in Malawi to generate sustainable incomes.


As a Relationship Manager for a commercial bank, Gift was responsible for business analysis, staff training, client training, research & marketing, portfolio management and stakeholder management for various sub-sectors within the MSME sector.


As a consultant Gift has developed high level qualitative research skills that include over desk research, semi-structured interviews, focus groups, collation, and analysis. He has worked as a consultant for Palladium Group (Traction Project funded by FCDO) which sought out and brought together individuals and organizations with the motivation, influence, credibility and experience to find solutions, then supported them to deliver change. These partners came from a cross section of society, including citizen groups, private companies, entrepreneurs, traditional leaders, academics, civil servants, and politicians.

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