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Aggregating Financing for Resilience Solution Booklet

What should small and middle-sized cities do when faced with the dilemma of financing for resilience?

What’s the role of capital aggregation in unlocking finance for large projects?

EN-Solution Booklet Aggregating financing for resilience
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The Smart Cities Marketplace team is delighted to announce the release of a new and comprehensive solution booklet focused on financing solutions for small-to-middle sized cities. This booklet is now available in English, French, and German versions, providing a broad spectrum of readers with valuable insights into the intricate world of aggregating finance for climate adaptation projects and resilience investments at large.

First and foremost, it thoroughly describes the urban financing context, shedding light on the crucial role of attracting private finance to bolster resilience. This section not only highlights the challenges faced by cities but also outlines effective strategies for enticing private investment, guiding closely city officials and policymakers through the steps and thought processes required to make financial decisions.

Societal and user aspects take centre stage as well, emphasizing the pivotal role that capital aggregation mechanisms play in unlocking the much-needed financial resources for resilience initiatives. This section gives a holistic view of the societal implications of financial decisions, ensuring that the human element is not overlooked in the pursuit of financial stability and growth. By providing concrete examples and case studies across Europe, the paper equips readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of financial aggregation successfully.

Lastly, the booklet offers a wealth of Lessons learned, drawing from a range of case studies. These real-world examples serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for city officials, distilling key takeaways that can inform and enhance their decision-making processes.

All in all, this solution booklet empowers public decision makers with the knowledge, strategies, and real-world examples necessary to navigate the intricate world of finance and resilience successfully. This publication is yet another proof of the ongoing commitment of the Smart Cities Marketplace team to provide actionable solutions for the challenges of today’s urban environments.


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