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BwB are delighted to launch our new report - Finance as an enabler

BwB are delighted to launch our new report “Finance as an enabler to address the building decarbonisation challenge”, supported by Laudes Foundation.

With increasing political prioritisation, there has been a proliferation of schemes, programmes and instruments looking to provide functional solutions to the retrofit challenge. However, considering this in conjunction with the overall low renovation headline rate, this is indicative of the many, multi-faceted challenges that are yet to be overcome.

Our research shows that the two major barriers to driving residential renovation at scale are: a) Social barriers, and b) Financial barriers.

However, while finance is one of the key barriers, if structured properly, it also has the potential to be harnessed as an enabler.

Innovative financial solutions can be structured to channel private institutional capital into building renovation. This not only helps tackle the financial barriers head on, but results in additional incentives to engage communities.

Collaboration has never been more important. Engaging the relevant stakeholder groups is crucial to bringing a trusted, comprehensive proposition to residents, who represent both the ultimate barrier and ultimate enabler to building decarbonisation.

“We are excited about the potential that private institutional finance can unlock if channelled appropriately into the residential renovation sector and believe this is critical lever for partners and collaborators looking to scale innovative solutions in this sector to consider.“, commented Christine Zhou, BwB Global Head of Retrofit & Built Environment Finance.

“BwB’s leading work in the built environment demonstrates the critical role finance can play to drive a significant reduction in emissions. Through new innovations around carbon and biodiversity markets this adds further opportunity to drive financial incentives as a catalyst” also added Rupesh Madlani, BwB’s CEO.

You can download the report here: Click Here


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