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BwB are expanding our thematic sector work in Gender, Diversity and Inclusive Finance

BwB are expanding our thematic sector work in Gender, Diversity and Inclusive Finance, to be led by Heather Matson, Executive Director, Gender, Diversity & Inclusive Finance, building on our experience to date.

The impacts of environmental and climate challenges are felt differently depending on gender, socioeconomic status, age etc. However, it is women and girls who are disproportionately impacted, and as such ensuring a gender inclusive approach to our work across our other sectors and working on gender-focused innovative financial solutions with our partners, is at the heart of what BwB does.

“As BwB has expanded our operations, we see Gender as a component of everything we do. We felt it was the right time to build dedicated expertise within the organisation, and also to bring specific focus to such an important issue.”, commented Rupesh Madlani, CEO, BwB.

Heather Matson is sector lead for Gender, Diversity & Inclusive Finance and also supports BwB’s efforts around policy development, regulatory, market and financial reform, drawing on her 15 years of working in sales and client strategy in the City of London. Heather also brings extensive experience working in international development. She has worked for the International Finance Corporation (member of the World Bank Group) in Ukraine and Washington DC, focusing on corporate governance in the CIS region, as well as the Canadian International Development Agency (now Global Affairs Canada) on private sector development in Ukraine and Russia.

“I am delighted to take on this challenge and work with our partners and clients to incorporate gender into our activities and work to ensure access to financial services and products for women. Gender equality has been a long-standing passion throughout my career and is a key component of a sustainable and equitable world.”, commented Heather.


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