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Need4Speed: how to decarbonise the built environment with $$$ and §§§


A big thank you to the Laudes Foundation, and James Drinkwater and Alice Haugh in particular, for inviting BwB Co-Head of Retrofit and Built Environment Finance, Rufus Grantham. He presented and then participated in a panel discussion on the Need4Speed: How to Decarbonise the Built Environment with $$$ and §§§.

Rufus spoke about:

  • the underlying economics of scaled retrofit;

  • the poor fit with individual asset owners, but the strong fit with patient capital such as pension funds;

  • the Net Zero Neighbourhood funding and delivery model BwB has been developing over the last few years, now in early stage demonstrator design with London Borough of Hounslow, Manchester City Council, West Midlands Combined Authority and City of Copenhagen.


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