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BwB contributed to the latest IMF working paper on ESG bond Issuance

The International Monetary Fund published its latest working paper, called “Sovereign ESG Bond Issuance: A Guidance Note for Sovereign Debt Managers”.

BwB Managing Director, Global Head Blue Economy & Food Finance, Alexander Wiese, contributed to the paper.

Sasha commented: “The paper is a must read for any issuer of thematic debt for it offers practical research and guidance, with a focus on Emerging Market and Developing Economies (EMDEs). It was a fantastic opportunity to contribute to this piece which leverages on our extensive experience in the field of ESG bonds and alternative instruments.”

"Interest remains high amongst sovereign EM investors for ESG bonds.", also added Chris Smith, BwB Managing Director, Global Head Sovereign Sustainable Finance. “This guidance, which can help rapidly build the required capacity within sovereign ministries to make progress to issuance and support diversification of their investor base, is a welcome intervention."


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