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BwB participated in the “Going green - successful tapping climate finance?”

BwB participated in the “Going green - successful tapping climate finance?” session during the “Improving Access to Climate Finance” seminar kindly hosted by the International Monetary Fund in Miami at the Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Center last week.

The discussion examined the wider space of climate finance, with particular focus on the market-based instruments such as green / blue sustainability-linked bonds and green project finance.

BwB Global Head of Blue Economy and Food Finance, Alexander Wiese, presented his view on the most significant challenges for small and medium-sized organisations interested in issuing green/blue bonds.

He also provided guidelines on how Caribbean countries could make best use of this demand and the future outlook for the evolution of biodiversity.

“There is a strong need for innovative finance for low to mid-sized countries. Regional debt facilities will help to facilitate more finance to these issuers at reasonable cost.”, commented Alexander.

BwB would like to thank IMF for the invite and the excellent organisation of this insightful event.

“We are truly excited to share our transaction experience with our partners and look forward to progressing our work together.”, commented BwB Founder and CEO, Rupesh Madlani.


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