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BwB's Global Presence, Local Impact

Yesterday BwB spoke across three continents in a day - Europe (Spain), Asia (India) and Africa (South Africa).

BwB Executive Director, Allison Lobb, spoke at the “Smart Cities Business Forum” in Barcelona, showcasing BwB’s work in accelerating the net-zero transition across the Old continent.

“There has been such a lot of progress both in both planning and technology over the last few years. It has been great for these to be showcased in Barcelona and the knowledge and experiences to be shared more broadly. We live in very exciting times and its fantastic to be working in the front line tackling the transition process”, commented Allison.

India’s transition to Net Zero presents an incredible opportunity for innovation, growth and job security and BwB’s CEO, Rupesh Madlani, in collaboration with Indian Banks`​ Association and RMI were delighted to share international perspectives with domestic banks.

UNDP’s Africa Sustainable Finance Hub, Bankers without Boundaries, and champions for green business in #Africa, gathered to map out ways to increase private sector engagement in a green, nature-positive growth agenda to stave off the impact of the climate crisis and meet the continent’s current and future economic development needs.

BwB's network of projects will continue to expand globally looking into 2024.

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