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BwB talk series: Darshita Gilles, Maanch

“I don’t want to get somewhere in the world - I want to take the world somewhere”, Darshita Gilles.

A few days ago, guest speaker Darshita Gillies (Founder and CEO of Maanch), interviewed by Jennifer Faust, delivered a Talk Series for BwB where she shared the story of her journey as an entrepreneur and her personal reflections.

The talk covered some of the biggest challenges in sustainability and finance and how data can be used to make decisions.Darshita explained how Maanch supports asset managers and investors to engage with sustainability data and with their portfolio companies, allowing them to navigate with ease the information overload that currently characterizes the ESG data space.

The engaging Q&A segment between Darshita and the BwB team covered topics ranging from the current sustainability climate, to the novel solution Maanch is offering the market in the form of their Engagement Tracker.

At BwB, a similar understanding of these topics has led to perform work to provide clear and simple measurement for fund and portfolio companies, in collaboration with our Impact Investment Group (IIG) which gathers regularly to discuss impact investing themes.

Check out the work of the IIG on our website ->

Find more about Darshita’s work and Maanch here ->


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