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CIRCULAR INNOVATION COLLECTIVE | Metabolic, Bankers without Boundaries and Impact Hub Amsterdam

launched the Circular Innovation Collective to accelerate the transition of the circular economy!

It is time for a mindset shift towards regeneration and circularity. The collective has designed an innovative approach which breaks down the main barriers to circularity within the regional value chain.

Our first pilot will focus on the #textile sector. In the upcoming 2 years, we will support the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area to achieve their goal of 70% circular textiles in 2030.

"BwB are delighted to be part of the consortium of CIC, bringing our skills and knowledge in finance to help create a programme to support new ventures focussed on circularity and sustainability in the textile industry in the Amsterdam region.”, commented Stephen Smith, BwB Managing Director, Global Head Carbon & Forestry and CIC Project Lead.

Find out more about the project here:


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