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Fiji paves the way in Climate Risk Disclosure with groundbreaking workshop

BwB joined the Fiji Climate Change division and the Regional Pacific NDC Hub in a consultation workshop on Fiji’s draft Climate Risk Disclosure Guidelines to action significant strides in addressing climate change.

The workshop, hailed as a resounding success, gathered a diverse array of stakeholders within the financial sector to provide feedback on the pioneering guidelines, marking a significant milestone for the Pacific region. Through a dynamic Talanoa Panel styled dialogue and engaging group exchanges, participants delved deep into discussions, sharing insights and perspectives aimed at shaping the future of climate resilience in Fiji.

"The guidelines developed through this workshop will serve as a crucial tool for businesses and financial institutions in Fiji," stated William Watts, BwB Managing Director. “By incorporating climate risk disclosures into their decision-making processes, they cannot only mitigate risks but also seize opportunities for sustainable growth."

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