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Green Home Finance Accelerator


BwB is delighted to announce a successful funding application to the Green Home Finance Accelerator (GHFA), in a consortium with Eunomia Research & Consulting and Skenariolabs.

This project, funded through the Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) by The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, will explore ways to design a service that will display homes on a geographic heat map. This will highlight where energy-saving returns from home retrofits are economically sufficient to support individual consumer investment or how whole areas could be aggregated for a blended return.

Deep retrofit of homes tends to have returns that are unattractive to investors who need capital repaid over a short period (5-10 years). The project will use SkenarioLabs’ existing data platform to develop a heat map and to also build data into existing place-based delivery models to allow self-funding households to participate in deep retrofits alongside Pay-As-You-Save households on an equitable basis.

The heat map can be overlaid with the “Able-To-Pay” market which has the financial status to access retail finance, alongside existing subsidy schemes to create the “Should-Pay” market.

This will allow mortgage providers to target homes where retrofit investment makes economic sense. It will allow Local Authorities to plan and run more effective Net Zero Neighbourhood demonstrators through more effectively targeting different consumer markets. It will also enable Institutional Capital Providers to be more confident in NZN projects’ ability to generate annuity income streams.

For investors, DEFINITE-CCRI provides reliable and high-impact investment opportunities as well as a chance to shape future investment proposals.


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