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Greening Sovereign Debt Performance

Shared Risk and Rewards in Financing the Transition

BwB have recently contributed to a key report by Finance for Biodiversity (F4B) relating to greening sovereign debt performance. The report sets out the case for moving sovereign debt markets towards the explicit valuation of natural capital, and for greater use of performance-linked instruments to deepen creditor and debtor sharing of associated risks and opportunities.

Rupesh Madlani, CEO, said, “This report demonstrates the opportunity to align private capital to nature and climate outcomes in sovereign debt markets. It is critical to develop a broad range of financial tools that allows for a lower of cost of capital and better outcomes for citizens and issuers.” We would like to thank all partners that were a part of this ground-breaking report, as well as our friends at Finance for Biodiversity Initiative, The World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Fiona Stewart, Jeromin Zettelmeyer, Michael Hugnam, Nathalie Borgeaud.


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