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In collaboration with Asian Development Bank (ADB) BwB provided a capacity-building training session

In collaboration with Asian Development Bank (ADB) BwB provided a capacity building training session for 70 representatives from governments, financial institutions and other stakeholders across the Pacific Region.

The training explored blud bonds, an emerging instrument within the thematic bond space which is particularly relevant for the many ocean and blue economy exposed industries in this region. The training was led by BwB Managing Director, Global Head Blue Economy & Food Finance Alexander Wiese and Chris Smith, BwB Managing Director, Global Head Sovereign Sustainable Finance.

The key topics covered during the session included the current ocean financing landscape, the key challenges for scaling the blue bond sector, and how participants could address the process of issuing a blue bond.

"Capacity building in the field of Blue Economy is a critical component in scaling up investment size and actors involved. By facilitating the collaboration and partnership between different actors such as government agencies, businesses, and civil society organizations, it will allow not only to have a unified understanding of the sector, but also to increase the availability of tailored financial products", commented Alexander Wiese.


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