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Leslie Labruto

Founding Director 100x Impact Accelerator

Leslie Labruto is the Founding Director of 100x Impact Accelerator, the world’s largest social impact accelerator backed by £50 million. 100x is seeking to source, select, and scale impact-first ventures in search of creating new classes of social unicorns – organizations driving positive change on the scale of billions. Previously, Leslie was Head of Investment Strategy at Acumen Fund, where she led Acumen's $20M Pioneer Energy Investment Initiative (PEII) and structured, built, and fundraised the $100M global covid relief fund for energy access companies. Leslie joined Acumen from the Clinton Foundation, where she served as Director of Clean Energy for the Clinton Climate Initiative (CCI) and led programmatic strategy and partnerships. Previously, Leslie worked at Summit Partners, a $15 billion venture capital firm in Boston. Leslie holds two degrees in Civil and Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London and Vanderbilt University, where she served on the Board of Trust from 2011-2015, and serves on the Boards of multiple social enterprises around the world.

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