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Member of the Innovation Fund Expert Group (IFEG)

BwB are pleased to announce their membership to the Innovation Fund Expert Group (IFEG). The Innovation Fund utilises EU ETS revenues to support the development of innovative low-carbon technologies. With an estimated EUR 38bn in revenue up to 2030 it is one of the world’s largest funding programmes for the advancement of climate solutions.

Given BwB’s mission to facilitate the deployment of capital that benefits environment and society, joining IFEG provides a unique opportunity to contribute our expertise to the implementation of the Innovation Fund and support the development and commercialisation of low-carbon technologies in Europe. Our expertise in capital raising and advisory, project preparation and financing, as well as extensive sector-specific experience and knowledge, will enable us to make meaningful contributions to IFEG’s efforts in driving the growth of low-carbon technologies in Europe and beyond.

BwB Managing Director for Urban Sustainable Finance, Asen Charliyski, highlighted: “The role and implementation of low carbon technology is crucial in achieving climate neutrality and we are delighted to be joining IFEG. We look forward to working closely with other like-minded experts in developing innovative funding and scalable financial solutions for climate adaptation, sharing best practices, and accelerating the decarbonisation of our economies towards a more sustainable future”.


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