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Reports: Driving Finance for Sustainable Food Systems

How can finance and policy best support the growth and development of Sustainable Food Systems? What is the role of financial innovation?

BwB is proud to present its report, co-authored with the UNEP Financial Initiative: “Driving Finance for Sustainable Food Systems: A Roadmap to Implementation for Financial Institutions and Policy Makers”, drafted by BwB’s Managing Director Alexander Wiese and Senior Analyst Tommaso Buso, Vanesa Osuna and Baris Karapinar from UNEP FI and UNEP CFU respectively.

The report discusses the underlying role of financial institutions with significant exposure to the agri-food sector in sustainable development, and it aims to:

  • Highlight the importance and role of the agri-food sector in solving the triple planetary crisis sustainability

  • Provide food for thought on financial product innovation to support transformation towards SFS

  • Stimulate a supportive network for driving capital towards sustainable food systems

BwB CEO, Rupesh Madlani, commented: “The global food system is going through a dramatic transformation as pressures around the cost of food and the climate crisis become evident across the globe. There is an immense opportunity for investors to benefit from this transformation that achieves both impact and risk adjusted returns. BwB is delighted to work with partners in this critical sector to accelerate this change”.

Find the full link to the paper on UNEP FI's website here or download it below.

Download PDF • 2.54MB


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