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Revolutionizing Employment: The Impact of Circular Startups and Regional Support

Circular startups are generating the jobs of the future. But how can cities and regions support the creation of such job opportunities?

Circular regional programs can offer guidance, support, and funding for startups and cities in their circular journey. 

We explore the key role circular regional programs play in stimulating job creation in the latest research by the Circular Innovation Collective (CIC)!

With learnings from our first Amsterdam pilot, we provide insights and actionable advice for policy makers in cities and regions looking to catalyze their own circular transitions.

Pictured below is Atelier MADE HERE, which expanded their workforce during the program from 10 to 16 skilled employees. 

Are you interested? Check out the research: 

The Circular Innovation Collective is a consortium of impact-driven organizations initiated by Metabolic, Impact Hub Amsterdam, and Bankers without Boundaries, with the support of the City of Amsterdam, The DOEN Foundation, and Goldschmeding Foundation.


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