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That’s a wrap, BwB’s attendance at Climate Week 2023 brought constructive discussions and encounters

Some of the highlights and key take-aways included:

  • Climate Week reiterated the urgent need for global climate action;

  • Impact investing gained prominence as a powerful tool for addressing climate challenges;

  • NbS was highlighted as an essential component of any comprehensive climate strategy;

  • Strong emphasis was made on the Power of Cross-Sector Collaboration.

We were delighted to meet EIB, The World Bank, Climate Policy Initiative, Minister of Finance of Denmark, Shell foundation, members of parliament of Kenya, RMI and others.

BwB’s Senior Analyst, Emre Eren, was also on stage at a panel by The Peace Department, discussing BwB’s work in impact investing . The conversation explored how the power of aligned investing in positive change can extend beyond financial benefits and profoundly impact the world.

We look forward to joining our efforts in this space.

Visit to find our more about BwB’s work and projects.


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