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What is the role of Sustainability Linked Bonds

What is the role of Sustainability Linked bonds (SLBs) in the achievement of Net Zero by 2050? What should investors look out for when picking the best SLBs? What are their key advantages compared to other green instruments? How can SLBs be best tailored to meet sovereign entities’ needs?

Listen to our analyst Tommaso Buso discussing these topics alongside Climate Bonds Initiative's head of market intelligence Krista Tukiainen and Emena Advisory's managing partner Abdeldjellil (djellil) Bouzidi on BrightTALK ESG Innovation Hub episode #12.

Bankers without Boundaries is at the forefront of knowledge spreading and technical research concerning SLBs and sustainable instruments at large. Its mission to help greening sovereign debt and mobilise private capital for impact purposes is strengthened by further cooperation with actors having our same vision and by similar events promoting idea sharing.

The participation to this round table adds to a report which BwB recently co-authored on “Greening Sovereign Debt Performance”, offering key insights on the usage of SLBs, among other financing tools, to enhance nature and climate performance of debt instruments.

The report can be retrieved at the following link

Find the full episode here

Thanks to the BrightTALK team and in particular to Georgina Mitchell and Ana Salom Boira for organising this exchange!


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