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          Built Environment Finance

The built environment (BE) is the source of around 30-40% of geographic carbon emissions and so is a key sector to target in delivering national and local net zero goals. The BE, as the location for our homes and businesses, is also integrated with further emissions, generated for example through community transport choices.


Beyond carbon, the BE is also a key driver of social outcomes driving cost of living issues through energy requirements, healthcare outcomes through quality of housing issues and broader economic/productivity outcomes with significant potential for local employment and wealth creation.


BwB has established thought leadership in developing innovative implementation and funding models to tackle decarbonisation of the BE over the last few years.We work with local, regional and national governments as well as supply chain providers and advisors to design place-based approaches to decarbonising buildings and associated systems. These approaches tackle issues around fragmented ownership, split incentives, low returns and citizen buy in to create aggregated, investible models for scaled retrofit that can not only deliver reduced carbon emissions but also drive a wide range of social and economic outcomes.


Our long-standing relationships with a range of Institutional investors and investment banks allows us to directly engage with potential funders to then move these designs through implementation. We also consider other outcomes and their utilisation in a blended funding stack engaging with a range of stakeholders.

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