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Sustainable Digital Finance

data & disclosure finance

The potential for revolutionizing various sectors through Web3 technology is immense. BwB stands uniquely positioned to support financial institutions, companies, governments, and cities in harnessing this potential. From enhancing the appeal and liquidity of nature-based assets for investors to establishing decentralized community-led energy DAO funds, BwB aims to drive positive change. Additionally, by improving credit access for impoverished communities in developing nations and facilitating efficient data utilization for analyzing environmental, biodiversity, and social risks, BwB seeks to create transformative outcomes. The opportunities presented by Web3 technology are vast, and BwB is committed to enabling active engagement and benefits across different entities.
BwB's goal is to continue and expand our work with key national and international partners, and global frameworks and standards, aiming to help financial institutions, companies and other stakeholders understand how the innovative use of data, technologies and disclosure practices can provide long-term certainty, transparent valuations and better pricing for the financial industry. BwB's work with UNEP-FI as the implementation partner for the piloting exercise of the Taskforce for Nature-based Financial Disclosures was the first of many projects that enable our long term goal, to contribute to a future where financial institutions and other stakeholders can leverage these advancements to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Sustainable digital finance, which includes a wide range of technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain holds promise for retooling the financial sector to benefit people and the planet and enabling infrastructure to guarantee rapid increases in the speed and scale of global climate action.
Financial institutions and investors are looking for opportunities to harness emerging technologies to develop new services, products, strategies, and commercial models focused on the increasing green and social finance demand. At BwB our goal is to use these emerging technologies to build products that better manage risks, secure efficiency gains, attract more capital and make informed choices.

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