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BwB at WEF Urban Transformation Summit Detroit |2023

Valuable contacts made by BwB’s CEO and Co-founder, Rupesh Madlani, who was pleased to speak at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Urban Transformation Summit in #Detroit last week.

The event brought together 150 business and government leaders from 20 countries for 3 days together to address issues in urban innovations and city revitalisation.

“At a time of a fractured world and poly-crisis, we need more than ever for multilateral engagement to drive solutions to meet the challenges citizens face. BwB is built to collaborate across the many sectors and geographies where we operate. BwB was delighted to speak at the World Economic Forum’s urban transformation summit in Detroit last week together with The Nature Conservancy, UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme), and Connected Places Catapult in attendance.”, commented Rupesh. Find out more about BwB’s project in Sustainable Urban Finance by visiting


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