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More than half of the world’s population now live in urban areas and cities account for -around two-thirds of the planet’s energy consumption (75% of energy produced), generating 80% of greenhouse gas emissions.

"Therefore, they have a clear and fundamental role to play in addressing the current climate emergency and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The investment requirement to achieve Climate Neutrality at the city level is significant and the funding gap in urban climate finance is estimated at trillions of dollars. Public resources will be insufficient to address this gap and innovative financial mechanisms need to be developed to attract private investment capital. It is estimated that $93 trillion will be needed globally for sustainable infrastructure investments. Within this, early-stage project preparation finance is a particular barrier. Of the total investment required for sustainable infrastructure investments, up to $4.5 trillion will be required for the project preparation stage .

BwB is working with public and private stakeholders to develop innovative financial structures and facilities for sustainable investments. BwB works actively to develop such mechanisms that combine various sources of capital to achieve sustainable returns whilst delivering social and environment impact. Across Europe we work with cities including Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Krakow, Vienna, Milan, Leuven, Zagreb, Lisbon, and others to provide financial support for carbon neutrality. BwB is one of the leading partners in the Net Zero Cities (NZC) project, which will lead Europe’s ambition to achieve climate neutrality. The project will support cities along the EU’s Mission “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030"", and BwB’s role will be to support pilots in their capital needs and developing innovative financing products.

BwB is also further involved in UK Cities Climate Investment Commission initiative to create the path towards Net Zero financing, through leveraging public and private capital to support decarbonisation of cities. 

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