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Unlocking Innovative SDG Finance in the Global South

Hosted by Bankers without Boundaries


Washington DC

Date and Time

Tuesday 16th April 2024 

7:00PM -8:30PM (GMT -4)


Equinox  Restaurant
900 19th St. NW
Washington, DC 20006


Emerging economies across the Global South are facing the triple challenge of debt, climate change, and biodiversity loss. However, these challenges also present a unique opportunity to adopt Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) investment strategies that can propel these nations toward a sustainable and resilient future. By focusing on SDG investments, countries can aim for increased GDP, higher income per capita, and the creation of tens of millions of jobs, while ensuring environmental sustainability and fostering collaboration between governments, businesses, and local communities. Achieving this necessitates the development of innovative financing mechanisms, the promotion of public-private partnerships, and the creation of an enabling environment for investors. The critical question is: how can governments and investors collaborate to ensure that the economies of the Global South can capitalise on SDG-focused investments to generate economic growth, job creation, and environmental preservation?  

Session Objectives 
Identify and explore: 
•    The key challenges and opportunities presented by SDG-focused investments in the Global South: How can the business community, local governments, and policymakers prepare for and benefit from SDG-focused investment?  
•    Understand the specific barriers and opportunities that SDG-focused investments bring. 
•    The financial instruments that can unlock both public and private capital for SDG-focused projects, promote green jobs and attract investors in the longer term.  
•    Explore the broader meaning of 'investment' in the context of SDG projects – that is, considering investment not just in terms of financial capital, but also in building resilient communities, fostering innovative partnerships, and achieving a set of SDG outcomes.

Location :

  • Address:  900 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20006, United States.

  •  Equinox Restaurant is located approximately 0.4 miles from The White House, just a
    10-minute walk away. 

  •  Equinox Restaurant is a 12-minute drive from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
    and a 34-minute drive from the Dulles International Airport.

Contact :

Heather, Matson
Managing Director, Bankers without Boundaries 
Mobile:  +447796951531

Tommaso, Buso
Associate, Bankers without Boundaries 
Mobile: +33783889167 

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