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BwB,  an innovator in global finance, is an investment banking, asset management and advisory firm focused on delivering value to our clients that benefit the environment and society.


Founded in 2013, BwB is powered by investment bankers and is a not for profit with operations in Ireland, the United Kingdom & Singapore. BwB serves the financial needs of governments, institutional clients, corporates, high net worth individuals, cities and foundations worldwide.

Our Approach

Through the engagement of our human capital, BwB applies creativity and innovation to achieve results to meet the most pressing social and environmental challenges we face. 

Supported By


Bankers Without Boundaries (‘BwB’) Our focus is to garner public and private institutional support for projects, enabling public funding to sufficiently leverage private capital to generate requisite scalability. We are committed to catalyzing investment within sustainable development and are passionate about facilitating necessary solutions and innovation by accelerating entrepreneurship.

The BwB team provided us with valuable input and structuring to help refine the initial concept to attract institutional and private capital.

Stephen Box, PhD
Vice President,
Global Fisheries Solutions, RARE

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