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Unlocking €650bn for Climate Action: Welcome to the Climate City Capital Hub!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Climate City Capital Hub, a first-of-its-kind initiative and a major step forward under the European Commission’s “100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities” Mission. 

The Capital Hub seeks to address the €650bn funding gap identified for climate action in cities within the 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission, as well as the need for the financing of climate resilience infrastructure across Europe more broadly.   

For cities, the Capital Hub brings together public and private investors and risk mitigation facilities to fund sustainable urban development across areas such as Built Environment, Energy, Mobility, Nature-Based Solutions, and Waste and Water.  "Cities can deliver climate action through the Cities Mission with effective support. The Capital Hub has been designed to help cities get projects ready and to unlock both private and public capital critical to the cities. NetZeroCities exists to help cities deliver on the Mission’s target of achieving climate neutrality”, said Thomas Osdoba, Programme Director, NetZeroCities, Climate-KIC holding.   

For investors, the Capital Hub offers an opportunity to tap into this vast pipeline of fundable, financially viable projects. 

Rupesh Madlani, CEO of BwB, which is the lead partner for finance and investment support to Mission cities, commented: “The launch of the Capital Hub represents an important milestone for cities to access finance to achieve their net zero goals. The Capital Hub provides a combination of resources, skills, and a neutral balance sheet that can significantly improve outcomes for cities and their citizens. I am excited to see the progress that has already been made.

“Next to public finance streams, the attributes of the Capital Hub – whether through tailored advice on project development or identifying potential investors – will be critical to turning net zero ambitions into reality and making our cities healthier and more vibrant for their citizens”, he added.  To learn more about the Capital Hub, visit, contact your usual BwB contact or email  To learn more about BwB, visit To learn more about NetZeroCities, visit,


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