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Blue Economy & Food Finance

Agricultural systems and the marine economy are essential to humanity’s survival; they provide essential resources, such as food and water, and are the source of livelihoods to millions of communities around the world. However, these activities also have a huge impact on the natural world, contributing to many of the most pressing environmental issues that we face, such as biodiversity loss, agricultural and marine pollution, over-fishing, deforestation, habitat destruction, and climate change.

Blue Economy

BwB works with governments, private companies, and community-based organizations to identify sustainable business models and innovative financing solutions that can mobilize private and public resources to support the sustainable development of the blue economy, and the transition to sustainable food systems globally. We provide technical assistance and advisory services to clients to help them navigate the complex and often fragmented landscape of blue economy and food finance, working closely with our clients to identify and evaluate new and existing sources of finance and support the design, evaluation, and optimisation of innovative funding structures.

Our long-standing relationships with financial institutions and institutional investors, as well as our close relationships with international institutions and civil society organisations put us on the cutting edge of industry developments and allow us to provide excellent value for money to our clients.

Using finance as a tool for advancing sustainability in the blue economy and food sector, BwB’s work is helping to promote economic growth and support sustainable development in rural and maritime communities around the world.

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