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Biodiversity & Nature-Based Solutions Finance


Biodiversity loss is one of the main issues facing humanity and is now widely accepted as being inextricably linked with climate change.

BwB works closely with stakeholders in key biodiversity areas to advise and apply innovative outcomes-based finance solutions so that our clients and partners have the necessary tools to deliver on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plans.

BwB has an impressive network of public and private sector relationships across different jurisdictions upon which to collaborate, plus extensive in-house knowledge and experience of capital markets and corporate finance. We provide our clients specialised, targeted solutions which can best assist them in maximising their positive biodiversity impacts.

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) is an extremely efficient and cost-effective mechanism to address community challenges, including biodiversity loss. BwB has expertise in being able to deliver NBS to a wide range of stakeholders, leveraging upon our contacts and project partners across multiple BwB focus sectors.

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