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Modelling Centre of Excellence

BwB’s Modelling Centre of Excellence sits at the heart of our work and lays the foundation for our financial advisory, investment banking and investment management capabilities.

Our overarching aim is to combine the professionalism of the financial sector with the dynamism required for innovation, in order to drive value for our clients and for the benefit of environment, nature and society.

Our dedicated modelling experts are embedded within BwB and work closely with clients to understand their needs and to develop tailored, adaptable models.


BwB develops robust, reliable models with a commitment to stringent quality control procedures, within the following themes:

  • City-wide Investment Planning

  • Project Finance for a variety of assets and sector (e.g. mobility, energy, waste management, buildings, agriculture etc.)

  • Place-Based Project Finance

  • Fund Structuring

  • Blended Finance Fund and Facility Structures

  • Corporate Fundraising

  • Nature-Tech Companies


Christine Zhou_edited.jpg

Christine Zhou

Executive Director, Global Head Built Environment & Circular Economy Finance

Christine is sector lead of Built Environment & Circular Economy Finance. She has spent six years in front office roles at a couple of major investment banks. Most recently, she was the lead Leisure equity research analyst at Royal Bank of Canada. Prior to RBC, she spent three years in emerging markets equity sales at Morgan Stanley. Christine holds a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.


Rohith Mahendarker

Senior Analyst

Rohith has close to 5 years of experience working with various valuation, risk and balance sheet strategy teams across Northern Trust, Bank of America, and State Street. Prior to joining BWB he was Head of Finance for an autism based MedTech start-up. Rohith is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM), and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) – Level 3 candidate.


Ryan McManus

Vice President

Ryan spent nearly seven years working in the hedge fund space, predominantly focussed on thematic and quantamental equity investing in public markets. His prior experience includes stints at Marble Bar, Man GLG and KPMG. Prior to these roles, Ryan studied Politics at the University of Warwick.

Prerna Sukhija BW.jpg

Prerna Sukhija


Prerna previously worked as an analyst with the Technology and Disruptive Commerce banking team at JP Morgan Chase & Co., and with the Government of India as a consultant on development projects in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Prerna graduated from Mumbai University in 2018 as an Information Technology engineer.

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