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Edouard Kueviakoe

Edouard Kueviakoe


Edouard has a decade of professional experience characterized by diversified expertise in providing technical advisory support to various development agencies/public and private institutions in strategy, program design and implementation for sustainable development, market studies, access to financing, and the development and support of SMEs. Prior to this, Edouard gained significant experience within SAHAM Group, where he played a key role in managing relationships with businesses and individuals. His in-depth understanding of local, sub-regional, and global economic dynamics stems from several years of work during which he conducted economic and financial studies for private, public, and international institutions. This expertise enables him to provide valuable strategic insights that guide decision-making for businesses and public administrations.

He has provided advisory services to several other development agencies and donors, including the AfDB, the European Union Delegation, AFD, UNDP, ACET, and the French Department of Cooperation and Cultural Action.

Edouard is fluent in five languages, and his diverse expertise and agility make him a professional capable of assisting businesses in identifying and seizing growth opportunities, optimizing their operations, and achieving their objectives effectively and sustainably.


Edouard holds a masters’ degree in financial and insurance risk management from the University Mohamed V in Rabat, Morocco.

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