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Addressing challenges preventing the adoption of renewable energy systems in Malawi

Violette Chanza-Santhe, BwB Senior Advisor, and member of BwB’s Global Expert Group, spoke at a workshop by the Renewable Energy Industries Association of Malawi (REIAMA), in conjunction with the Global Renewables Centre (GRC) earlier this week.

The event focused on addressing challenges preventing the adoption of renewable energy systems in Malawi.

Violette spoked about the state of renewables in Africa’s regions and current financing being directed towards renewable energy. She also discussed opportunities and examples for grants and capital market instruments being deployed to renewables and how these apply to the Malawian context.

The workshops were designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building among key stakeholders to increase energy access and attainment of SDG 7. These workshops were funded by the Scottish Government through the University of Strathclyde and are part of renewable energy knowledge exchange program being implemented in Malawi, Zambia, and Rwanda.

Violette Chanza-Santhe commented: “I was privileged to speak at the REIAMA conference. There is so much opportunity for deployment of renewable energy infrastructure here, in Malawi. But to achieve real scale, we’ll need thought as to how we bring the various parts of the financing architecture here together to create truly investable value propositions”.

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