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BwB Accelerator Program

The past 2 years have not been easy for startups and businesses across the world having to adapt to the new normal. We believe now, more than ever, in supporting sustainability focused startups to build back stronger and better. Today, we are officially announcing that BwB has launched its 12-week "Sustainability Accelerator Programme". This programme and others we are developing, will increase the flow of capital into sustainable businesses that are ethically responsible and prioritize ESG development. Over the last month, we have received a humbling number of applications. First and foremost, we would like to thank all the startups that applied to our programme and took part in our vigorous application process by our Accelerator Leadership Team. After extensive in-depth interviews, needs assessments, impact measurements, and scalability assessments, two companies really stood out and have been selected to advance in our 12-week programme. Our diverse panel of sustainability experts believe these companies have very high potential to grow, create measurable impact at scale, and most align with BwB’s ethos, expertise, and network. We would like to take this opportunity to announce the two lucky startups! Di Pasquale Guthmann started as a local Italian fashion company in Milan utilising locally sourced fabric. Their goal is to connect artisans to the global luxury market through a fully integrated, scalable, and replicable digital platform. They strongly believe in ethically, socially responsible business practices while creating jobs and empowering the community. All their clothes are handmade by (formerly) unemployed women, victims of domestic violence, refugees and immigrants. Fashion is for everybody and often an extremely wasteful industry. Di Pasquale Guthmann is working hard to change this and support women in need in the process. The next company we would like to introduce is YAPU Solutions. At BwB, we believe in finding financial solutions to help advance a more sustainable economy, YAPU shares this vision. YAPU is a leading software and data innovator that make ESG impact and risks transparent, build ESG impact portfolios, and help commercialise and trade ESG risks. Given the push in reporting requirements for companies and the emergence of capital markets offering better terms for those companies that disclose their ESG impact reliably, we believe with the support of BwB’s network and expertise, YAPU’s potential impact is limitless! BwB is excited to join these startups on their venture to making a positive impact on the world and will utilise our network of impact champions to accelerate these startup’s over the next 12 weeks. Our congratulations to Di Pasquale Guthmann and YAPU Solutions and thanks to everyone involved in the launch of the BwB Accelerator! If you are an impact-driven start-up interested in applying, please follow our page and look out for future application announcements!


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