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Impact Investor Group

BwB, an innovator in finance, is delighted to announce the formation of their Impact Investor Group (“IIG”). The IIG will bring together a group of experienced investors in the impact investing sector to find solutions to challenges, create and explore new opportunities, and share their extensive knowledge. BwB has built a reputation from working with governments, institutions, cities and foundations to provide advisory, corporate finance and research services applying financial concepts and structuring expertise to align them with the investment needs of capital markets. This group is the next step in making BwB’s work more practical and meaningful, to take these projects beyond their inception and design. Steve Smith, BwB managing director and IIG chair commented: “Moving capital to where it is most needed and involving wider financial actors seeking returns with a positive environmental and social impact is at the heart of BwB’s purpose. ”Initially the IIG will meet quarterly with a cohort of varied investors from different institutions including Man Group, Verdane and Triodos. With the intention to widen the Group over time in order to become an important forum, BwB's mission is to help make a difference in the impact investing universe and the wider financial system. It is something BwB is committed to and it is embedded into the culture of our approach. For more information please contact


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