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BwB Presents SDG Bond Framework in Mongolia

It’s been an exciting time for BwB as managing directors Alexander “Sasha” Wiese (Global Head for Biodiversity, Food & Agriculture Finance) and Chris Smith (Global Head of Debt) led an international capacity building workshop in Mongolia in regards to the design of an SDG Bond framework for sustainable development in the country.

Mongolia was one of the first countries to adopt a national development strategy aligned with SDGs and created its own Sustainable Development Vision for 2030 (SDV) in 2016. Yesterday, UNDP hosted a conference where Sasha and Chris attended to discuss and present an SDG framework that facilitates the issuance of SDG bonds to representatives from the Ministry of Finance.

BwB's Global Head for Biodiversity, Food & Agriculture Finance, Alexander “Sasha” Wiese has expressed the importance of the work being done, “It is great to see how Mongolia and its MoF are moving in the right direction by considering SDG Bonds as part of their debt refinancing strategy, creating meaningful, transparent and credible impact for its community. In collaboration with the UNDP, BwB is honoured to support and facilitate this ambitious vision by building capacity and knowledge in this space while taking inspiration from international experience.”

This is some fantastic work that will help Mongolia meet the Sustainable Development Goals. Our congratulations and thank you to everyone involved, including those from the UNDP and the Ministry of Finance of Mongolia, Delgernaran Tumurtogoo, DELGERMAA (Demma) Begz and Javkhlan Ivanov.


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