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Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Emmanuel Phiri, BwB Global Expert Group Member

we are pleased to introduce you to Emmanuel Phiri, BwB Global Expert Group Member based in Zambia.

Emmanuel, an agricultural economist by background, is currently the Country Field Operations Manager for Pula Advisors GmbH in Zambia. Pula is a climate finance advisory and investment boutique operating in four continents. Emmanuel focuses on managing country field operations for multi-stakeholder climate finance projects. Prior to this, Emmanuel worked at FSD Africa, FSD Zambia and other INGOs in consulting and program manager roles in the Development Finance and Financial Inclusion practice. Emmanuel is a member of Market Systems Community Hub of Practice and African Agricultural Economics Association. Emmanuel is an expert in market systems development, inclusive development finance, sustainable finance, financial inclusion, gender, social inclusion, and women empowerment.

“It is an exciting moment given Zambia’s experience and commitment to addressing climate change effects. Given the network of BwB, it is an opportunity for Zambia to learn from how the climate development funds are better designed, and learn from some fundamental strategic misalignments and mistakes that I believe have had defeating effects on the climate change purpose.”, Emmanuel commented following the establishment of the agreement.

“We’re very pleased to have Emmanuel join the Global Expert Group, he brings a wealth of experience to the table on both climate and social issues and we are excited about the opportunity to partner with him to further increase our reach and impact in Zambia”, also commented Heather Matson, BwB Executive Director, Global Head Gender, Diversity & Inclusive Finance.

The BwB Global Expert members are based in countries around the world and possess significant sectoral expertise relevant to driving innovation and impact. These members engage with the BwB team and our partners to help champion local capacity at scale. We will introduce each member of the group on a weekly basis.

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If you would like to explore further the role of expert networks in your country or to apply for open positions, reach out trough our contact page:


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