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Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Soyol-Erdene Tsegmid, BwB Global Expert Group Member

Soyol-Erdene has over 20 years of financial services experience working for international government entities and for projects in development sectors and private conglomerate businesses. Soyol has held C-suite positions for over a decade in large Mongolian corporates. He has worked across multiple disciplines including portfolio management, company strategy, financial, and environmental management. Soyol has master's degrees in International Development Economics Studies from the International University of Japan and in International Economic Relations from the National University of Mongolia.

“The socio-economic challenges like #climatechange, can only be solved with the full support and participation of experts like BwB. Moreover, #sustainabledevelopment is becoming a necessity, and we can no longer afford to ignore this new reality. This is why I am deeply excited to join BwB as part of the newly formed Global Expert Group”, Soyol commented following the establishment of the agreement.

“Welcome to BwB, Soyol! We're excited to have you with us to help build on the work we've done previously in Mongolia and continue to make an impact”, also commented Heather Maston, BwB Executive Director, Global Head Gender, Diversity & Inclusive Finance.

The BwB Global Expert members are based in countries around the world and possess significant sectoral expertise relevant to driving innovation and impact. These members engage with the BwB team and our partners to help champion local capacity at scale. Starting today, we will introduce each member of the group on a weekly basis.

Discover the current members of the Global Expert Group here:

If you would like to explore further the role of expert networks in your country or to apply for open positions, reach out trough our contact page


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