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World Circular Economic Forum 2024 - Investing in Circularity

BwB held a webinar at the World Circular Economy Forum - WCEF 2024

On Thursday, April 11, at 2PM CET, BwB’s Associate Tommaso Buso presented the work BwB has been leading at DEFINITE-CCRI — Deal Engine with Finance, Investment and Technical Expertise and offering new solutions to deploy capital for circularity ventures.

He was joined by Uffe Bundgaard-Jorgensen, from Gate2Growth, pitching the InvestCEC project effort to shift to a circular economy model by focusing on the financing aspect.

He covered topics such as:

1. Navigating financing challenges in the circular economy field

2. Barriers and opportunities in access to finance for circular projects

3. Facilitating investment for circular economy projects: the DEFINITE-CCRI experience

Dozens of practitioners and investors in circularity from the whole of Europe joined the event.


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